White marble block is a pure white in colour and look like snow. It is a composed of intense black lines and a small amount of black crystals. The colour of this block is light in colour. It shows the natural colour of purity.

It can be used for interior lining, flooring and other constructions. We can also use it for decorative items like (bowls, pot,) boards, coasters, coffee table and other home wares and kitchen wares.

It is described as classy marble block because it is known for its uniqueness, shine and hardness. It creates a healthy indoor and outdoor climate. It is easy to clean and scratch resistant. It is manufactured in well manner under the experienced person

White Marble Block Manufacturer in Udaipur

White Marble Block Manufacturer in Udaipur

They are easy to maintain, high durability, superior finish and smooth texture. It can be available is wide variety of sizes and thickness. Everything looks flawless when white marble is used for the interior applications. The environment becomes extensible.

4 types of white marbles blocks can be used for construction:
1. Marble with fine grain
2. Marble with medium grain
3. Opal white marble
4. Air king marble(brightest marble)