Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. is the supplier, trader, dealers, manufacturers and wholesalers of Imported Marble, Indian Granites, Italian Marbles and White Marbles all over India and around the globe. Our Mines and Quarries all are located in Rajasthan and other parts of India.

Italian Marble in India – Our Procedure
1. Apply first grade marble stone sample for Reference to ensure that all products look most like real marble stone.
2. Restore the natural vein of true marble, to build good effect of marble tiles application.
3. Apply latest 4D printing equipment to produce marble tiles so that can restore its natural vein.
4. Most of all, we research and development marble tile our self since we have the advantage that we are doing marble business for many years and we also have professional R&D team to develop tile that look most like marble.

Our products already have made many landmark structures which includes list of Institutes, Buildings, Bungalows, Apartments, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Commercial Complexes, Mall, etc. Many reputed Architects from all over India, Interior Designer, Builders and Contractors are amongst our clients which are regular buyer of our products. Marble Stone is mentioned as a high impact material; the natural feel of the most precious quarried stones.

Our Products are classified in the category mentioned below:

  • • Artistic
  • • Abstract
  • • Patterns
  • • Arts & Crafts
  • • Backgrounds

Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. Marble Stones are of high quality and texture. Texture of marble depends on the form, size and uniformity of grains. The element components of marble determine the color of the stone. Generally calcite and dolomite marbles are of pure white color.

Our every product is taken care of about its quality. Variations of whiteness of pure marbles are due to the mixture of foreign substances. Such impurities form streaks and clouds. We take care of the Marble Slabs from mining to delivery.

Travertine Stone: The finished surface of travertine stone varies for example is polished, giving it a shiny, reflective sheen that has a hard, cold feeling surface. Luxury and formality can be created with honed travertine. Tumbled Travertine looks natural and has a more matte or flat finish.

Italian marble in India

Imported marble in India

While these precious Italian marbles can sometimes resemble one another, there are slight differences that are important to note in order to be able to choose which one is right for your project, and for that we have our experienced team that are working in Marble Industry since many years. Italian marble in India