The brown granites are one of the most demanded products of Indian Granite industry. It is a finest granite stone in India. It is a composed of intense yellow brown crystals and a small amount of black crystals. It gives an attractive look due to its ornate appearance and texture.

It is used in kitchen countertop for light colour surface and bathroom decorations and many other things. It gives the luxury and unique look to interior and exterior. It generates the visual effect in the kitchen.

It is dark brown granite with a translucent appearance. Brown granite is widely used in residential as well as commercial construction or renovation. It is easy to clean and scratch resistant. It is manufactured in well manner under the experienced person

Brown Granite Block Manufacturer in Udaipur

Brown Granite Block Manufacturer in Udaipur

Steps, risers, basins and other interior products are made up of brown granite. Brown granite can be available in any specification. Thickness and quality is too good of brown granite. It is available in all sizes and thickness.

Brown granite block is used for the palaces and forts also. Brown granite block have highlighted and outlined their quality at several locations by its classy brown shade. It has a beautiful black shade with the green dots type structure.